Dideye app privacy policy

Dideye automatically gathers crash reports, error reports and anonymous usage statistics.

Dideye uses Fabric Crashlytics to gather crash reports, and other error reports.
Dideye uses Fabric Answers to gather anonymous, aggregated usage statistics.

Any and all error reports ever collected, aid us in fixing any bugs.

All app usage statistics are an invaluable resources when attempting to judge what may be the better future for Dideye.

These statistics are actually our only insight into what is really happening with the app, and as such the only way we have to know any different from any of our natural human prejudices.

By accepting our privacy policy you are also accepting Crashlytics and Answers privacy policy.

You must read their privacy policy in order to know the details of the info that is collected automatically by them.

Crashlytics and Answers are based on the United States of America. As such any and all raw info will be transmitted there and will be treated in accordance with their privacy policy.

Dideye personal will have access only to aggregated info. Dideye offices are located in Portugal.

Error reports may contain the file names of any files in Dideye documents folder or in any other Dideye private folder.

Dideye documents folder is accessible by the end user through iTunes, when the device where Dideye is installed is connected to a computer with iTunes.

The login information provided to access YouTube is securely saved on your device keychain and is never transmitted anywhere except to YouTube.

Neither Dideye personal nor any other entities, except YouTube, are ever given any access to such information.

You can prevent any and all data referred in this document, from ever being transmitted, by never running Dideye.

After you have run Dideye, if you would like that no further data is ever transmitted to any of the aforementioned entities, you must stop using Dideye.